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Fitness Yoga Bootcamp

"Clear your mind of can’t." -Samuel Johnson

The actual FIT-YOGA BOOTCAMP is really a fitness course, usually held outside, that combines workouts in line with the asanas associated with power yoga with aspects of the Canadian Military exercise process.. Our teachers offer fitness instruction which is fun and zestful and nutritional guidance, both made to help you create a strong, suit mind and body. This can be a challenging program designed to enable you to get in shape maintained positive reinforcement of the instructors using the company and responsibility of your colleagues! Many people coming from all fitness amounts, sizes and age groups who are in line with attendance and our own instruction will experience wonderful results at various locations throughout Paris. If you are after a good and motivating coach coupled with motivated peers to reduce excess fat, get slim and increase muscle strengthen, then our bootcamp programme is perfect for you! If you are a newbie, an avid health and fitness enthusiast or just fed up with the same stagnant fitness or gym program, come do this alternative method of exercise. Absolutely no equipment other than the yoga mat is required.

Pour plus d'information, les tarifs, contactez groupewaite@gmail.com

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